Totally addicted to making tiny men.

Ok Kingdom Death Blog, I have decided it is finally time to use you on a more regular basis!

Here is an amazing piece by Amon RA, entitled “GREEN NIGHT”.

This interoperation of our Gold Smoke Knight is really special! 

Here is the source from figure painter magazine.

so is kingdom death dead i mean it has been 6 months and i havent seen any update anywheres or did i miss the release. i mean i was really excited and wanted to play the game but with no new news this is looking dead to me.

Kingdom Death… is very much alive! We have focused all of our efforts into making the absolute best of the opportunity offered to us by the kick starter campaign. There are tons of updates and loads of photos and information here:

Kingdom Death:Monster Updates

We have also been keeping our fans in the loop via our email subscription. To be totally honest, there just hasn’t been time to keep this blog updated. Since it would just be a repost of what goes up on the kickstarter anyway. But perhaps you have a point, at the very least I could provide a link here when the news goes up.

Is there any significance to the faces that appear in the kd universe? I do love the idea of faces being everywhere ,it's undeniably unsettling ,but i wondered if there is a reason for it.Love the work ,and i hope the watcher comes up for sale soon .

We are very anti-spoiler here at KD, but I will say that there will be a visual answer of sorts, on the inside cover of the rulebook that comes in the core game. 

As the game nears completion, will you give any sneak peaks of the rule book or different cards? Also, I only got the base set since I was strapped for cash when I saw you're amazing kickstarter and still hate the fact I couldn't get any of the astounding looking expansions (except the Lantern Festival which I couldn't stand to miss) and was wondering if you'll release those for sale after all the kickstarted products are finished? I would love to have them all for the detail alone~

I do not have the bandwidth for any marketing efforts until after the game is complete. I will still be updating backers via the kickstarter page, but I don’t want to spoil anything by saying exactly what will go up. 

The plan is to slowly release all the expansions via our webstore once fulfillment is over.  

I got an email today saying that the Forsaker miniature is back in stock but it shows up as sold out on your website. Is this a glitch or is the miniature really sold out.

I am super super sorry. We had some serious issues with our online shopping platform and this caused many items to be shown as either in stock or out of stock when they were not. Apparently they did a server migration which caused rippling side effects. Due to their incredibly bad untimely tech support we will be moving commerce platforms shortly. 

What are the chances you'll be able to get the production done and delivered by Xmas this year?

It depends on the schedule of two different manufacturers, the company that is handling all of the paper goods, cards and game boxes and the company that is handling the plastic miniature process. If the agreed upon schedules are met, then we should begin fulfillment at our estimated time. 

That is the naked truth!

Hey KD, will monster be available in future without the constraints of a limited run? just wondering if I have to watch the mailer like a hawk to make sure I can get one. Super excited KD excites me in the same way that WFB did when I was ten and laid my eyes in my first miniature.

I am happy to hear you are excited, we are excited too!

This is a really good question that I would like to address. The intent is for Monster and its expansions once they are released is to be available year around. However there is a very hard business reality we have to face in keeping inventory of it. The game is unfortunately very expensive to produce per unit and It is impossible to know before hand what the demand might be. If everything goes well, this will not be an issue. 

No questions here, just wanted to send you a message of encouragement. The vision and ideas that have come through during the creation of your game universe are amazing. The miniatures that you have commissioned rival rackham's greatest works. please please please don't let your muse die, the ideas are just too refreshing

wow, that is super nice of you!

Thank you so much! 

When can we see another gameplay video?

I will not be making any more videos until after the game is finished. They are far too time consuming and right now every possible effort is going into development, managing production and then finally dealing with the huge fulfillment to nearly 6k backers.

Testing out the new turntable

Here is the chosen along with a 20 year old savior shown for scale.