Totally addicted to making tiny men.
No questions here, just wanted to send you a message of encouragement. The vision and ideas that have come through during the creation of your game universe are amazing. The miniatures that you have commissioned rival rackham's greatest works. please please please don't let your muse die, the ideas are just too refreshing

wow, that is super nice of you!

Thank you so much! 

When can we see another gameplay video?

I will not be making any more videos until after the game is finished. They are far too time consuming and right now every possible effort is going into development, managing production and then finally dealing with the huge fulfillment to nearly 6k backers.

Testing out the new turntable

Here is the chosen along with a 20 year old savior shown for scale.

Hi! Do you think you'll ever re-release the wet nurse mini? I love it, but you're sold out! :o

The Wet Nurse will be available again. I can’t say for certain when tho!

Just discovered this game and I am super interested. Any way to get in on it before it goes live?

I am very sorry, the kickstarter is over and we are not taking in any new backers or selling pre-orders for any of the kickstarted products at this time.

First off congrats on the kickstarter success! It's an amazing achievement. Let me start off by saying that I love the design of the monsters and most of the armor designs. However, a lot of the female character designs look very... well non functional armor wise. Are there plans for more functional armors like the Green Armor?

All of the Armor Kits have very functional armor designs or designs that fit the aesthetic of the creature they are based on. You didn’t mention any specifics, but I am assuming you are referencing the pinups which are not canon to the game world and do not have game rules. The pinups are based on classic art from the 40’s - 70’s and have played a irreplaceable part in gaining fans, funding the project and attracting many artists to the team.

How long will the PayPal option be available for those not going the KS/Amazon payments route? Cause as of this message, there are 5 hours left in the KS and I won't be able to make a PayPal pledge till Friday of this week, so I just wanted to be sure. Thanks and keep making awesome tiny men and awesome games!

It will close at the same time the campaign ends. Then I shall SLEEP for the first time in my life!

I'm very interested in Kingdom Death: Monsters myself (just I can't afford it at the moment) :( ! It's a very interesting concept and the character/setting design is just perfect. But I'm just wondering will we ever see it come over to the UK (on "war gamer" stores and the like) after the official release? Thanks and keep up the good work!

Hello and thank you! I have not finalized international or distribution plans yet. My first priority will be to the backers and making sure they get all their rewards before anything else happens. Thank you!

will all the expansions to the core game be available in plastic following the nov 2013 release?

Yes, but I do not have a release schedule planned at this time. 

I stumbled upon Kingdom Death: Monster just yesterday (I really wish I heard of this project before). I've been looking for an alternative miniature game system and I'm really intrigued by the overall concept of the "Monster" game. I dont know if you'll be able to answer this, but once the game is released to the kickstarted pledgers on November 2013, would the set be available some time through the Kingdom Death Store for purchase? Thanks!!